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Designed for individuals or couples who would appreciate knowing a financial fiduciary has a solid understanding of their finances and be able to assist either spouse when called upon.

Individuals may:

▷ Manage their own investments including stocks, bonds, and real estate

▷ Have an existing banker, broker, or advisor they primarily use

Within this program, Crossplan would offer:

▷ General investment consulting services

▷ Willingness to accept and analyze financial documents

▷ Be on stand-by and available to assist when needed

Within this program, Crossplan would NOT Offer:

▷ Direct money management

▷ Direct recommendations

▷ Guarantees

Program offer

For a $200 first-time payment to CP ($100 annual on-going), individual is offered:

▷ One 60-minute introductory meeting

▷ Annual 60-minute meeting

▷ Reasonable number of phone calls to CP as-needed

▷ Relationship with CrossPlan and our referral network

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At CrossPlan, we strive to have the finest customer service. Being available to answer your questions is very important to us. Please contact us and we will gladly assist you in any way we can.

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